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I found the lobster stock rich and flavorful but, in my view, made the sauce a bit thin so I added tomato paste to thicken. We loved this dish and will make it again and again!

David Baldwin

The sauce in this recipe is simply spectacular. If you are looking for a celebratory centerpiece to a dinner party, this is definitely a recipe to consider. The only complicated element is preparing the lobsters which takes getting used to if you are unfamiliar with how they come apart. The end product looks and tastes great and is enjoyably different from what you usually see served at dinner parties.


This turned out fantastic and is definitely something you could make for Valentine's Day/New Year's/to impress a new date. For the 3 cups for water for the stock I simply added water from the pot that I'd used to boil the lobster. I found that the amount of sauce turned out to be nearly twice what was needed to sauce a pound of pasta and was able to save some sauce for another time. Possibly for sauteed shrimp.

Stacey Linehan

Go to local fish market. Ask if they have steamed lobsters with meat already taken out. Our chef was able to purchase the cooked shells for $5. Then purchased the fresh lobster meat. It was so much easier to prep this dish. Definately going to be a Celebratory dish.


I too, used the water from the pot that I steamed the lobster tails in for the three cups. This sauce was delicious. Could get away with less cream and still be very rich and silky.


This sauce is fabulous, but too runny. Sub out crushed tomatoes with purée instead of pure purée if you don’t like it that runny. I also added diced tomatoes just because I like the sauce a little chunkier. If you are eating lobsters anyway, it’s easy to make a few extra for this purpose. I kept the shells for an extra day to make the stock. Don’t skip the red pepper!

Amy Sasik

I did and it seemed fine. I also used lobster tails.


Great taste a bit complicated following the recipe. But the end result was awesome.


I personally thought the sauce was too runny. I had to bowl it down a lot more but was still runny.

Denis in Boston

Well. Good stuff overall but, meh. Nice approach to the lobster stock. Great components and when I do this recipe again it might be with something that adds a little sweetness like coconut milk, tarragon, basil, or possibly Pernod. It’s a nice recipe but it’s missing something.


I see this pasta made with Capellini which I prefer and may do....


We made this last night. Reduced the lobster stock down to about a cup. Added two diced hot cherry peppers. Perfection!

Pretty Good

I halved the recipe as I just had 3 lobster tails which was less than 1lb of meat. I used diced tomatoes as many suggested. I didn't strain the vegetables from the lobster stock and just threw them in. Next time I may puree them which would add to thickness of the sauce. This felt like a fancy restaurant meal. Would probably work with shrimp too for a less expensive version.


I made this last night and It was absolutely delicious . I had frozen lobster tails , I'm sure it would be even better with fresh whole lobster . The only difference was I used half and half instead of heavy cream and let the sauce cook down longer and cooked the pasta in the sauce for bit. then at the very end throw in the lobster meat. Also after shelling the lobster meat, I covered it in cream to keep it from drying out .the creaminess works well with lobster.

may f

This was superb. A great way to use lobster tails. First time making the broth, and as others suggested recycled the water that boiled the lobster for the broth and also got the pasta. So much flavor that is restaurant quality!! Added to our special occasion dinner repertoire

dairy free?

Made this the other night and it was wonderful. I want to make it for a dairy free friend, does anyone think there’s an useful substitute? Cashew cream? Or should I just try to make it without….


Made this with lobster tails we were gifted for Christmas. I used the lobster boiling water to boil the pasta, and fresh water to create the sauce (which was not too watery). I toasted some crushed Ritz crackers and mixed that with the lemon zest and parsley, and the resulting breadcrumbs gave it a great crunch. This recipe makes a lot of food, probably closer to 5-6 servings, but you won't hear us complain about having too much of this delicious dish!

Fox W. Shank

I used 2 leftover lobsters I had frozen near the end of last years CA recreational lobster season, so it wasn’t the best- but it was still very good and will definitely add it to the repertoire. I also used the water that I steamed the lobsters with to start the stock- a head start if you will. That being said, I too found the sauce thin due to the combination of stock and pureed tomato; next time I will try whole tomatoes and simply crush them in the pan.

Jessie Paul

So delicious! My family thought it was one of their favorite dinners I've made. I bought a pack of 5 lobster tails from Costco and figured it is nice to have extra meat. I boiled them in 4 cups water that I simmered down to the 3 cups added for the lobster broth to give it more flavor. Such a special meal <3


I had leftover crab meat so I made this pasta. It was AMAZING! I used a really good chicken stock in place of the lobster stock and I added some of my Jimmy Nardello peppers from Burlap and Barrel. It was as close as I have ever come to the Straw and Hay Fettuccine I used to love at Ernie's in NYC in the 80's.


Made the lobster stock ahead because I was making a lot if it. Used creme fraiche (maybe 4 ounces) and included lobster tail meat to cook at the very end if half if it. Froze the other half for another meal. Sauce was a great consistency and the dish was delicious. Would be a great dish for company.


Fiddly for sure, but a real crowd pleaser. Didn’t have the issue of the sauce being too thin. The balance of flavors are wonderful.

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Spicy Lobster Pasta Recipe (2024)


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